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Company Introduction

MST Engineering LLC. is 100% Hungarian owned by two private individuals based in Debrecen and was founded in 2011. The company’s headquarters and manufacturing facility are located at the Regional and Innovation Industrial Park at Richter Gedeon u. 15 in Debrecen. After its establishment, the company was exclusively engaged in foreign trade activities, and in 2013 it took over the entire manufacturing activities of its predecessor, Mezőgép Debrecen LLC. In this respect, the company boasts of more than 30 years of experience in the metal industry, while operations are characteristic of Western European cultural norms.

Based on the customer base of its predecessor, our company has built long-term and strong business relationships with Western European companies. MST’s main customers include companies from Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Germany and the Netherlands, many of whom have been our partners since the company’s foundation. Our company is committed to building long-term strategic partnerships and places great emphasis on fostering these relationships and continuously expanding its customer base.

The main profile of the company includes the design, manufacture and commercial sale of various machine parts, components and machinery.

Our engineers develop the necessary documentation using the latest design software to meet the growing needs of our partners. In prototype design, we support our production department and partners by creating individually designed 3D models.

MST’s product range is highly diversified thanks to its customized manufacturing approach. The range of products includes mainly formed and machined parts, sub-assemblies, metal structures, assembled units, machine manufacturing and surface treatment.

Our core values

The success of the company is mainly due to the reputation it has built up so far as well as its fair business partnerships. The company’s strengths include the quality production of small series and prototypes, a solution-oriented mindset and the ability to meet production deadlines that meet the needs of the market.

Our mission

  • To secure the long-term future of our company based on our expertise and experience.
  • To provide innovative industrial solutions to our customers through the commitment of our staff to quality work.
  • To build long-term, strategic relationships with our business partners.
  • Providing our employees with a stable future and a welcoming workplace.

Our vision

  • To maintain and expand our existing strategic partnerships through the production of high-quality products with added value, turnkey solutions tailored to the customer, and continuous improvements to remain competitive.
  • To develop a company that is well-established at the European level, compliant with legislation, and in a stable financial position.

With our vision and organisational philosophy, all employees of our company contribute to our continuous development. Through the professional experience and diligence of our staff,
we can offer flexible solutions to the challenges of the international market. We place great emphasis on meeting our customers’ requirements at all times through our work.

Our main focus is on people, excellence, fun, innovation, professionalism and quality. These have given the company a significant competitive advantage vis-a-vis its customers, as evidenced by the steadily growing order backlog.


One of the most important factors in business. We rely on our colleagues. We are a team. We grow with them by providing a corporate environment that fosters personal and professional development.


Companies like ours are constantly pushing the boundaries and strive to outperform their competitors. We love what we do, and we achieve incredible things together. It’s a core value we’re proud of.


We create an environment where employees can work independently and achieve good results in a pleasant working atmosphere. We like positive energy in the office and at the plant. Happy people are more productive and creative.


We believe in a workplace where it’s safe to try new things – where we can push our boundaries and learn from things that don’t always go according to plan. We strive for an inspiring work culture that respects human values.


We build open and honest relationships. We pride ourselves in being excellent problem solvers. We constantly strive to be the best. We focus on solutions and are inspired every day to achieve results through our talent, passion and hard work.


We provide outstanding quality products and services that together deliver premium value to our customers. What we do, we do well. We do it by focusing on our customers’ successes, building high-quality systems and planning for the long term.



  • Mónika Nagy
    Mónika Nagy CEO
  • Zoltán Kocsis
    Zoltán Kocsis COO
  • István Bocskai
    István Bocskai Sales and Business Development Manager
  • Barna Menyhért
    Barna Menyhért Quality Manager
  • Dániel Szűcs
    Dániel Szűcs IT and Operations Manager
  • Attila Pénzes
    Attila Pénzes Head of Engineering