Our services

Our products are manufactured in a modern industrial environment by a highly skilled, precise, and performance-oriented workforce.

  • Following the evolution of the industry, we meet the high expectations of our customers by using the most optimal raw materials and the most efficient manufacturing technologies.
  • We bring together the in-depth expertise of our experienced staff and the fresh perspective from our younger colleagues in all our projects.
  • Our core values and organisational culture result in a workplace atmosphere where work creates value, and our wide range of products provides further development opportunities and stability.
  • Thanks to the innovative thinking by management, we are building a constantly evolving organisation.


  • Production
    of welded structures

    When it comes to manufacturing welded components, MST is the solution. Our trusted and experienced team of professionals demonstrates their skills and dedication on a weekly basis, earning the satisfaction of our customers.

  • CNC

    We satisfy the most demanding and diverse customer requirements with CNC-controlled, state-of-the-art machining centres.

  • Surface

    We also boast of in-house solvent paint booth and cold tanning technology.

  • Mechanical and
    electrical installation

    We are also available to help you with the production of assembled units. The assembly of our welded, machined and surface treated parts is also a key area in our portfolio.

  • Engineering

    We use state-of-the-art 3D design software to produce the documentation required for manufacturing and provide our engineers with ongoing training to ensure our competitive advantage.