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Data reliability

The information contained on this site is intended for MST Engineering LLC.’s customers and may not be legally applicable in all cases. MST Engineering LLC. makes every effort to ensure that the content of this site is accurate and up to date. The material contained on this site does not constitute an official statement and MST Engineering LLC. does not accept any responsibility for the consequences of using this site. The information is intended for MST Engineering LLC.’s customers and may not be accurate. MST Engineering LLC. takes all reasonable steps to ensure that the content of the websites is accurate and up to date. MST Engineering LLC. reserves the right to change product specifications without prior notice. Statements contained on the websites shall not be legally binding to any extent. To the maximum extent permitted by law, MST ENGINEERING LLC. hereby disclaims all liability regarding the above. In addition to the previous general disclaimer, MST Engineering LLC. hereby disclaims its liability, to the fullest extent permitted by law, for any damages to users arising from the use of and access to the websites.

Data Protection

MST Engineering LLC. respects the privacy rights of visitors to this website. MST Engineering LLC. shall only collect personal information about you (such as your name, address, telephone or e-mail address) (hereby referred to as “Personal Data”) if you voluntarily provide them. If you provide Personal Data, it may be used for marketing purposes or to contact you. If you would like to remove any data you have already provided from our database, please contact us at the email address or telephone number at the bottom of this page. We will then take appropriate action to remove your data from our database. MST Engineering LLC. respects the personal rights of all individuals who visit our website (hereinafter referred to as Users). This paragraph outlines the data collected and stored by MST Engineering LLC. and how it is used.

a, Personal Data

MST Engineering LLC. does not collect any unique personal data (i.e., name, address, telephone number, or e-mail address, hereby referred to as “Personal Data”) about users unless users voluntarily provide them. If you do not wish to have your Personal Data recorded, please do not provide them. If you provide MST Engineering LLC. with your Personal Data, it shall be stored by MST Engineering Kit. for current or future marketing, market research, sales data tracking and contact purposes.

b, Non-personal data collected automatically

In some cases, we may collect non-personal data about users. These types of data may include, but are not limited to, the type of internet browser used, the type of computer operating system used and the website domain name from which you accessed our website or advertisement.

c, Information that may be automatically stored on users’ hard drives

When you view our websites, we may store certain information on your computer. This data takes the form of a unique identifier called a “cookie” or a similar file, and may help us in a number of ways. For example, unique identifiers allow us to tailor a website or advertisement to users’ interests and preferences. Most browsers give you the option to delete the unique identifier from your hard disk, block it, or display a warning message before storing it. For more information about these features, please refer to the description or help tab of your browser.

d, Contact

If you have provided Personal Data on the websites and you would like us to delete such data from our records, please contact us at the e-mail address at the bottom of this page or call our central telephone number. We will make every effort to delete this data from our existing files as soon as possible.

Applicable Laws

This site is created and operated in accordance with the laws of Hungary. In the event of any disputes relating to this site, the provisions of the applicable Hungarian law shall prevail, and in the event of any litigation, the provisions of the Hungarian Civil Procedure Code shall prevail and the Hungarian Courts shall have jurisdiction.

Conditions of access to the www site

This World Wide Web Site (hereinafter referred to as “Websites”) is operated by MST Engineering LLC., a Hungarian company registered under Hungarian law, with its registered office at H-4031 Debrecen, Richter Gedeon u. 15.

Intellectual property

All material appearing on the websites constitutes the intellectual property of MST Engineering LLC. It is prohibited to copy and reproduce any of this material except in the quantities necessary for on-line viewing. However, the printing of entire websites is permitted for personal use. In addition to the above general principles, MST Engineering LLC. may from time to time provide the opportunity to download backgrounds, screensavers, catalogues and other utilities from the websites. Such downloads are subject to MST Engineering LLC.’s download terms and conditions.

Prices and documents

All content shall be deemed accurate at the time of publication. Please contact our company for information regarding changes. All data is for your information only and no responsibility shall be assumed for the accuracy or authenticity of the data. Printed colours may differ from the original colours.