Production of welded structures

How we work

When it comes to manufacturing welded parts, MST is the solution.

Our experienced colleagues have decades of experience in different areas of welding. Our reliable team demonstrates its skills and dedication on a weekly basis, laying the foundation for customer satisfaction.

We carry out our daily work using modern welding equipment to process aluminium, carbon, and stainless-steel materials with the support of a welding engineer.

Whether you need simple or complex welded assemblies, or small, medium, or large production series, you shall find a reliable and predictable partner in MST.

Our skilled colleagues guarantee consistent quality, generating new customer orders with their high-quality work.

Our technologies

Our in-house welding technologies:

  • 131 – MIG – Metal inert gas arc welding
  • 135 – MAG – Metal active gas arc welding
  • 141 – TIG (WIG) – Tungsten inert gas arc welding
  • 311 – Oxyacetylene (gas welding)

The manufacturing technology of our welded parts, combined with our strict quality control system, ensures that the quality of the welds of our products meets the criteria set by our customers.

Our welding plant operates in accordance with the ISO 3834-2:2006 standard.